Update: Weddings and Record-Breaking Outages

Hello, everyone. I apologize for my silence lately, and I figured I at least owed you an explanation. I’ll keep it short just because there’s no point in going into a ton of detail.

On the 21st of this month, my sister Grace got married at a local church. The whole ordeal was very stressful, particularly on my mom, who acted as the wedding planner, and after the issue with ComposerCloud, I decided to scratch trying to release something that week, with the wedding coming up and EastWest customer service being slow in their response to my issues.

This past week, I’ve been working hard to bring you guys a new piece that’ll be part of my ongoing Cloudland Connections album project, titled Juno, after the satellite we launched to study our celestial big brother. What I never counted on was a fairly violent storm that came out of nowhere early yesterday morning and knocked out power to almost half a million people in the state of Maine, including us.

Thankfully, my music work is done on a laptop and doesn’t require an Internet connection, but obviously I won’t be uploading anything until either power is restored here (power may be out for several days due to the extent of the outages) or I can go to a local library or public place with Wi-Fi (and even then, the Wi-Fi there probably won’t be great for YouTube videos). My family and I have been trying to avoid being on the road whenever possible, because of all the fallen trees tangled in power lines and other scariness like that.

Again, I’m sorry for the lack of music over the past month or so. I felt like I was doing well releasing music on a bi-weekly basis up until this point, and I still plan on continuing that schedule as soon as possible. If you live in Maine, be safe, but regardless of where you are, have an awesome day and a Happy HALLOWEEN!

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