Big Picture Before Tiny Technicalities

This week has been a bit of a drag when it comes to music production. A couple weeks back, I realized that if I didn’t pick up the pace and start planning out deadlines for the pieces I wanted in Cloudland Connections, it would be the only major music project I’d release in 2017, and even then, that’s being optimistic. So far, though, sticking to it has not been going well—not because of procrastination, but because of something I’m going to be touching on in this post.

An Update About Updates (and Other Things)

Since I know many of you are probably new here, WELCOME! This website is going to be the new center of what I do on the internet, and will contain links to every social media site where you can find me and my work. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this provides the perfect segway into the point of this post: how I’ll be conducting my work on social media and such, and what changes are going to be made to how I use YouTube. There’s a lot to explain, so let’s not waste any time! Here it goes!