An Update About Updates (and Other Things)

Since I know many of you are probably new here, WELCOME! This website is going to be the new center of what I do on the internet, and will contain links to every social media site where you can find me and my work. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this provides the perfect segway into the point of this post: how I’ll be conducting my work on social media and such, and what changes are going to be made to how I use YouTube. There’s a lot to explain, so let’s not waste any time! Here it goes!


Productive Failure is a Real (and Helpful) Thing

I had a frustrating day yesterday when it comes to musical work. I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule of churning out a new track every 10 days, because I want to be able to release my current project, an album of ambient music titled Eyes Open in Dream, by April 10th. However, the current hardest part of the process (which is funny, because I used to be the other way around) is coming up with a basis on which to further build on and eventually shape into a fully-fledged piece. Right now, my I’m working on a track I’ve named Lazy Grey Skies.