My first full-length album, available on December 17


This EP was meant to be a preview of what was to come at the end of 2017. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Dreams have always been something that inspires me. Think about it—for just a handful of hours every night, your thoughts shape reality. Your dreams are an extension of yourself, shaped by your emotions, memories, and interests, and for me, they’re a place of escape—to live the surreal and wondrous adventures I can never have while awake.

I feel like anyone who’s pursued the creative arts to any degree has at that instance where they dreamt up a painting or piece of music and weren’t able to hold onto it once they woke up. It’s a testament to just how amazing our brains can be. Occasionally, though, there are the exceptions where inspiration manages to stay ensnared in the net of consciousness and make it to the paper, be it with paints, words, or music notes. Maybe you’re a lucid dreamer, and that’s an everyday occurrence for you (in which case, I envy you). However, that’s not what this album is about.

Cloudland Connections will be a collection of pieces not conceived in dream, but inspired by them. Each track will be a glimpse into my own personal dreamscape, a melding of two of most intimate things I feel you can share with others—dreams and music. Think of it as a guided tour through my dreams’ greatest hits (or at least the ones I think are the most interesting and inspiring). A lot of my dreams involve outer space, which is why so many titles allude to astronomical imagery, so prepare yourself for a very cosmic adventure.

If you’ve followed me over the years, you’ve probably seen quite a few tracks for this album crop up already, but I’m looking to revise some of those before I dive into the most ambitious new additions to the tracklist. For example, Dream of Flight is a track that’s nearly doubled in length from its original iteration (shown on the left) as I’ve been working on it. I can’t wait to show you all of the new musical textures the revised version has. Not to toot my own horn (is it wrong to be proud of your own work?), but some of them are just magical.

So excited you decided to join me on this journey! Once again, Cloudland Connections will be on all major streaming platforms on December 17. I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Have an awesome day!


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